Self-first Relationship Approach:

My Self-first relationship coaching helps each person to be accountable to work on themselves first.  It is important for each person to have healthy self-esteem and boundaries.  In relationships with others, it starts first with your true and authentic self.

Relationship Coaching:

Relationship coaching helps with any type of relationship and it is not always a romantic relationship.  You may want to work on your relationship with your children, relatives, co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc.

My Self-First Approach will help you have healthy, comforting and nurturing relationships.  I will help you find what it is within yourself that will create rich, joyful and nurturing relationships. 

What to expect:

  • I will help you to recognize warning signs of damage so that you may repair them before it is too late.  
  • I will help you with time management so that you have a balance between your work and personal life.  Relationships will suffer if there is no balance between working and your personal life. 
  • I will help you stop self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Develop your authentic self
  • Develop/improve self-confidence
  • Clarity in what is working and what is not working
  • Improve communication and conflict resolution skills

Is your marriage or relationship on the rocks?  

Do not give up and understand that there are many couples going through similar issues and above all there is HELP!

Many marriages or long-term relationships tend to lose their excitement over time or there may be conflicts that need resolution.  I can help by taking a unbiased look at the relationship and work with you to resolve the conflicts that are creating walls between you and your significant other or help you bring back the excitement that was once there. 

Many couples begin to have feelings of being taken advantage of or being underappreciated.  Couple’s Coaching is a way to work with a coach to dig deep into the relationship in order to rekindle what was once there or even start a new facet of excitement with your spouse or significant other.  Couples coaching can be an exciting and rewarding way to give your relationship a make over and gain an understanding of your partner and your partner to gain understanding of you that is needed to move forward for a rich and lasting relationship.

Are you single?  

Do you want to form a meaning long lasting relationship?  Relationship coaching is ideal and the perfect start for a healthy beginning!

Some areas to investigate when looking to form a long lasting relationship are:

  • Clarity in what it is you require in a relationship
  • Identify defeating patterns that may have existed in other relationships
  • Visualize your your ideal parter
  • Create a plan to find the special person you are looking for

I can give you sound dating tips to help you navigate the sometimes frustrating and disappointing dating seen.  You will be given the help you need to move from a couple of dates to healthy budding relationship!  

I will also take you through the beginning stages of dating and teach you tecniques to ensure that your relationship continues to be healthy and fulfilling.  In the early stages of a relationship it is most important to create healthy boundaries and continue to keep your “Self First."