Success Consciousness

Our attitude, positive or negative, affects how we feel and how connected we are to our true self.  Negativity and negative thoughts create blocks to connecting deeply with our true self and the positive energies around us.  We can rid ourselves of a negative attitude by focusing on self-truth.  This is who and what we really are in our hearts. 

By practicing positive attitude and trusting that having a positive outlook is directly related to our overall success and happiness our true self will lead and guide us to where we are supposed to be and where the universe has intended us to grow, learn and be successful and happy.  We are meant to create a deep connection to our true self and positive attitude deepens that connection and also creates connections with the positive energies around us. 

A strong connection to our positive higher self allows us to give off this positive energy and attract positive energies back to ourselves.  Our conscious thoughts are a pathway to our subconscious and in order to have a strong and deep connection to our true self, we need to consciously have a positive attitude and this will gain us a deeper connection with our true self.