Families in Crisis

All families at one point or another find themselves in crisis, confused and not knowing what to do!  The most important thing to do when you find yourself feeling like you don't know what to do is to keep calm.  Have a clear mind and follow logical steps to your wanted outcome.  Crises come in all shapes and forms.  When you or your beloved finds that you are in a vulnerable, difficult or outright dangerous situation, it is important to band together and support each other.  You need to pull resources and reach out for help.  Crisis can tear apart families or they can make them stronger!  It is important to stay strong and keep your focus on solution based forward movement.  At times you may need to be an emotional support for your family member or they may need to be this for you.  In order to keep your family strong when emotions are running high; do not judge, listen without speaking and only offer solutions that will move your dear one in a positive direction.

It is so difficult to listen to a loved one or watch a family member struggle in pain and it creates so many emotions for us because we love and care for them.  However, it is so very important to stay focused on the issue and movement into the desired outcome.  Many times in crisis we feel so very helpless and situations seem hopeless.  In any crisis no matter what it is and even if you cannot see it in the moment there is an opportunity.  Opportunity to change, to grow, to learn and to overcome!  It is so difficult to see these opportunities while you are in crisis, but they are always there.