Eliminating Weakness

Success is in the human nature and weakness in our personality.  Weakness begins to form as a habit, which creates blocks from success and is where self-defeating patterns and behaviors are created.  This is a perspective that even though within myself I know this, I needed to reflect on this to truly understand.  Sometimes weakness may show up in my life as not asserting myself, putting other's needs before my needs more often then I should and dozens of other ways. 

During times of weakness it is beneficial for me to have a “face to face confrontation” in my mind between my self-defeating energy that is holding me back and my success.  This is a truly effective way to create positive changes within myself. 

Recognizing our self-defeating behaviors or habits that are negative and of no use to our success is a step in the right direction by its self.   Add to this, letting these habits go and replacing them with a different thought (belief) or positive habit is a very powerful technique. 

Faith is powerful and to call onto your higher self to make changes and than to give thanks is a most powerful and complete way to make lasting changes in yourself and your life.