Living in the Moment and Creating YOUR Future!

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  We have all heard that saying before, but is anything more truthful?

Living in the moment means to me to be aware.  You need to embrace each moment that life gives you because in that moment you are where you are supposed to be! In that moment there is something to learn, someone to meet or a discovery to be made.  The way to do this is by keeping your eyes open to life and the moments that we are gifted.  Too many moments pass us by unseen because we all, at times wear blinders.  It is in those moments that there are missed opportunities to learn, someone we are supposed to meet that is passed by without a second glance and a discovery that is failed to be made.

Living in the moment is not a difficult thing to do.  It is really rather simple and opens us up to possibilities that are endless.  In order to live in the moment you need to see with eyes you may not have used before.  Listen with ears that have not heard before and embrace what surrounds you in that moment.

Embracing a moment could be as simple as saying, “Good morning” to someone at the local coffee shop with a smile, listening without judging a friend in need, having a conversation with a stranger who in turn may end up being someone that you need to meet to achieve your goals, watching your children play in the park without distraction, noticing and enjoying a beautiful sunset or stopping to help someone in need.  The opportunities are endless if we choose to see them and the inspiration or opportunities that are hidden within these moments are priceless.

By embracing life’s moments, we are able to live in the now.  If we use what we have now in order to achieve our goals than we will everyday in every moment become closer to our vision of the future.  There are far too many of us that set a goal for the future and wait for that goal to magically become a reality.  I choose today to embrace all of life moments because I believe that everything we do today impacts our future and where we are supposed to be; no matter how insignificant that moment may seem.  Every moment is a gift and in that moment there is something to learn, an opportunity to grow or an inspiration to be found.