Make "IT" Happen!

Strengthen Your Focus With These 6 Tips and you can achieve your desires AND make life changes that stick!

You’ve probably gone through phases when you said something like, “I want to get and stay organized,” “I would like to begin to exercise,” or “I need to make more time for my family.” Generally, we can achieve these goals for a short period of time until our old habits return or we get off track.

Why didn’t you stick with it? In all likelihood, you shifted your focus to something else you wanted and your focus goals that you put in place fell to wayside.

Don’t let falling off track stop you!!  YOU can accomplish those desires with a different approach!

These tips will help you maintain focus on your self-improvement pathway and reach your goals:

1.     Know what you want to achieve.  It is a lot easier to drive to a destination if you know where you are going and you have a map to get you through your journey to your destination! 

*For example, if your goal were to spend more quality time with your children, then you would need to create a new habit of planning family time activities.  Adding family activities to schedule in advance will be helpful steps toward that goal.  It will also create a commitment.  Share these events in advance with your family, so that you can all look forward to the activity. 

2.     Don’t Change TOO much at once.  When creating better life habits, it is best to work on one at a time.  Think “focus.”  Make focus on your goal part of your daily routine.  Once this new focus imprints on you then you can begin to work on adding another desire.

3.     Ask yourself WHY?  Why do you want to achieve this?

*For example, why do you want to add quality family time to your routine? Knowing WHY will push you forward to your goal.  Be very clear and specific when answering this question.

*POST IT!!  Write this down where you will see it everyday.  If you look at a calendar write down there.  If you make coffee everyday, post it there where you will see it first thing every morning.  Add it as a daily reminder in your Smartphone!  Doing so will provide you with a consistent prompt for your goal and serve as a reminder to stay the course.

4.     Create blocks in your schedule. When will you exercise? Which days and times will you spend that quality time with your family?   Creating these blocks will help you identify when you can fit this in your schedule most days or weeks and at what time will work best for you.

5.     Don’t quit!  If you skip your goal for a week or two, simply return to it.  Do not think that you have ruined your goal if you fall off track.  Pick up where you left off and get back to it.  If you continue to run into the same obstacle do some problem solving around different ways to move past it.  I like to just do free thought brainstorming for a few minutes and then look at what solutions I have come up with.  This process will usually help you see a solution and propel you forward again to reach your goal.

6.     What motivates YOU?  Depending on your goal, design a plan to keep you motivated. Maybe it’s posting achievements on the calendar or simply a coffee at your favorite coffee shop.  We all have something that will motivate us to move forward. 

Use these tips to get started now on designing the incredible life you seek. Once you make these steps a habit, you’re well on your way to achieving any goal you desire.