Motivation and Emotion

Motivation and Emotion

There is a strong link between motivation and emotion that runs through our lives.  This is link can work either by being able to motivate ourselves into feeling a different emotion, or by our emotions dictating how much motivation we have for a specific task.  For example, if you are feeling tired, you won’t be feeling motivated to do something, even if it’s urgent or something you usually enjoy.  Alternatively, if you want to do something but are feeling unwell or unhappy, you can usually convince yourself that you should do it; the motivation pulls you along and erodes the feeling that you’re “not up to it”. 

Be Assertive and Take a Stand!

Be Assertive and Take a Stand!

The Timid Person's Solution to Standing Up for Yourself

Some of us are much better at standing up for ourselves than others. While some people can get worked up a little too easily and make a mountain out of a molehill, others are just the opposite. They’re so afraid of conflict that they always let everyone else have their own way.

This approach can be very damaging. Always giving in to others negatively affects your self-esteem and it sends the message to others that you are a push-over. When this happens, it encourages others to continue treating you in a disrespectful manner.

While there are many ways to express yourself, the healthiest option is to be assertive. The assertive approach is all about expressing your needs, concerns, and opinions. This needs to be done openly, honestly, and directly while still being respectful of the other person.

A great first step is to practice your assertiveness in lower-stress situations like these:

Make "IT" Happen!

Strengthen Your Focus With These 6 Tips and you can achieve your desires AND make life changes that stick!

You’ve probably gone through phases when you said something like, “I want to get and stay organized,” “I would like to begin to exercise,” or “I need to make more time for my family.” Generally, we can achieve these goals for a short period of time until our old habits return or we get off track.

Why didn’t you stick with it? In all likelihood, you shifted your focus to something else you wanted and your focus goals that you put in place fell to wayside.

Don’t let falling off track stop you!!  YOU can accomplish those desires with a different approach!

These tips will help you maintain focus on your self-improvement pathway and reach your goals:

Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

Are you a free spirit, but your partner is on the more conservative side or vice versa?  This is not uncommon because opposites attract.  The question is how to maintain a life long relationship when likes and dislikes may be so different?  You can have a fulfilling, caring and happy relationship, by understanding each others needs and accepting the unique differences, which is probably what appealed to you in the first place.

Please read on for some general tips to happiness when Opposites Attract: